Therefore encourage one another and edify one another, just as you are doing. 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

STOP by LaTanya Scott


Exodus 20:3 (Amplified Bible) 3You shall have no other gods before or besides Me.

My friends, we have to STOP looking to other people or things to validate us! Whether it is our spouse, our children, our homes, our careers, etc.! We have to STOP looking to others to make us feel worthy and beautiful- or loved! It does NOT matter what anyone else thinks or says about us- ONLY what God says and thinks! STOP relying on people to make you happy! People are just that, 'people,' and they will let you down! Guaranteed! Whether it is intentional or not, it happens! And it usually happens because we are expecting them to be or say or do something that WE want! And when they won't or just can't, we feel let down and disappointed! We are hurt and angry and ready to call it quits!

Now I'm not saying that we are to put up with any and everything, accepting everything that a person does or says to us- NO WAY!!!!! But we can't expect anyone to take the place of God in our lives! We have to learn that no one is perfect and life isn't about US but God, and putting others first! No one can make us happy and truth be told, no one can MAKE us sad! We choose whether or not we allow someone or something to make us bitter or better!

STOP trying to please everybody! You cannot please all of the people all of the time! It is IMPOSSIBLE! You will drive yourself mad, trying to do so! You will have 50 people over 'here' agreeing and praising you, and another 50 over 'there' disagreeing and slandering you! So seek to please the Lord and then you will be guaranteed blessings and you will find favor with both Him and man!

STOP trying to explain yourself to everybody, all of the time! When you know you are trying to follow God and live accordingly, trust HIM to correct your course should you get off track! Don't allow anybody to criticize and condemn you based on their own personal views and extremely limited knowledge!

STOP trying to earn people's love and acceptance! If you have to 'be' and 'do' what someone else wants in order for them to love you, you are wasting your time! The flesh is never satisfied! No matter what you do, it won't ever be enough! That kind of 'love' is worldly and fleeting! It is conditional and so opposite of our Father's love! You want someone who will love you 'IN SPITE OF' and NOT 'BECAUSE OF!' Your Father doesn't make you work to get Him to love and accept you! No way! TRUE LOVE doesn't expect anything in return.. It is not self seeking! (1 Corinthians 13)

STOP worrying about what everyone else is doing- or not doing! You have enough troubles of your own! Get yourself in order first, and then maybe the Lord will use you more effectively in the lives of others!

Make sure you are where God has called YOU to be, and STOP comparing yourself to others! God made only ONE you! You are unique! You are beautiful! You are valuable! You are worthy! You are worth so much to God, that He sent His Son to die for you! (John 3:16) STOP allowing the enemy to make you believe you are anything less than who you are! THE APPLE OF YOUR FATHER'S EYE! You are a daughter of the King, so that makes you a PRINCESS! Live like it!

Thank you to LaTanya Scott for allowing us to share the word God has given her on today. May God continue to Bless You Abundantly.

You can follow LaTanya and her Ministry by clicking on the link below.

Mrs. Scott also has a Devotional Book titled:

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

No Looking Back

Leave the past behind. Now it's time to move forward in the things God has called you be and to accomplish.

From this moment forward, look straight ahead. DO NOT LOOK BACK!!! God has greater things in store for you.

I can finally breathe again
It's a new day fair well past
As I close this chapter, I set free at last.
(Lyrics from No Looking Back)

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7

Monday, August 22, 2011

Cleaning Out The Clutter

Are you ready to be free from clutter?

Today's post comes from a topic my very dear friend Tony Robinson posted a while ago. As I was going through some of her podcast, this one really hit home for me and I decided to share with you. I pray you will enjoy and it blesses you as it did me because she is a Dynamic Women of God and truly has a way with words.

Sometimes we just need to be reminded. Are you ready to clean out the clutter?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Trust In The Lord

Greetings Beloved,

God is so amazing and as we search his word and pray more we learn we can trust him. One of
 the things I love about God is I can confide in him. When I tell him something I can TRUST it is between he and I only. I know when God tells me to do something I may have never done I can push pass my fears and worries and have confidence that God will not send me to a place where he is not willing to cover, protect and provide for me.

Many of us have trust issues and I know exactly where you are coming from. But this scripture will help you understand what kind of God we serve. Ponder on it and do the impossible because God specializes in impossibilities and so do you because he lives inside of you!

Numbers 23:19

What area of your life could you afford to trust God and have a little more confidence in him?

Armetria M Charles

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Can You Tell What Time It Is?

Good Morning Sisters of Honor,

I greet you in the grace and love of our savior Jesus Christ. Have you ever been "TRAUMATIZED?"  I think we all have been in some shape form or fashion. The question is how have we handled that trauma? For me I learned that I was a master at emotionally checking out. I was great at numbing myself with spiritual anesthesia to numb the pain of what I experienced. Although I did a pretty good job at throwing it in the hidden file cabinet of my mind under lock and key it was still there taking up precious space and showing up when my earth would shake with pain again.

When I would face another problem all of the other problems I had tucked away would pop-up like a jack in the box that I was not interested in playing with. It was agitating, aggravating, intimidating and emotionally OVERWHELMING! It seemed as if TIME STOOD STILL and although naturally it hadn't and couldn't in my world and mind it did! I was stuck all over again.

The lord had begin to minister to me about healing and that he would have to pull this stuff up so that I could confront it not alone but with him, Holy Spirit and Jesus all together. Even with all of that help I found myself still nauseated and stuck in time with the idea of having to face what I had down right hated. Nobody likes pain and the typical response to it is to separate yourself from it. 

God was willing and ready with my permission to heal me from the pain that I had suffered at the hands of others. He begin to minister to me about forgiving them. Initially it was hard but it got easier as I saw weights lifting every-time I would at-least try to do it. I had to learn that I was forgiving for me, not them! I needed to forgive so that God in return can do the same for me. I started to go through my initially painful process and out of it, I am healed and free indeed! I want to share somethings that I incorporated in my life to help me through the process.

Remind Yourself Of What Time It Is
I would often zone out to another space and time where and when the trauma occurred. I had to find a physical clock or watch so that I could remind myself of where I am NOW. I had to remind myself I am in the now not the then. "Then" can no longer hurt me it's where it belongs back there! We sometimes get stuck in a time portal that no longer serves us. It's gone and you have today to live and tomorrow to look forward to keep moving forward.

Learn and Rest In God's Grace
God's grace is a sweet spot for me. It's a place that never leaves you. Find it, nurture it and turn up the frequency whenever you need more of it! God is always looking for reasons to wrap you in comfort, blanket you in love and swaddle you in his peace just like a baby. Think on those things, very often!

Practice the Art Of Not Becoming Offended
Intrusive thoughts will come! Handle thim accordingly with the medicine of healthy thinking. Notice I said handle them!  It is VERY important that we drown them out with the water of the word and the washing of your mind through prayer. Keep your mind fed with healthy substance! Understand the thoughts come to remind you that you have suffered in some way, however take heart that Jesus himself is showing you through this process how to go through trauma without being traumatized. The thoughts don't win, you do, now act like it! ;-)

Keep Track Of Your Contribution To The Problems
Are you spending more time being problem-focused rather than walking in the healing of God focused? Careful, trauma is tricky and it would have you thinking about it constantly and often. Shut it DOWN by doing more of the thing God wants you to do. Don't think to have to be picture perfect to work in the Kingdom or do what you love. If you were perfect, you wouldn't need God. So rejoice in being imperfect. Learn to loosen up and laugh a little. Prepare to someday use your truamatice expereinces as a rescue mission for others. Yep, God works that way what the enemy was using to tare you up and down God will use to fortify you while your life is used as a tool of healing and restoration!  Let me tell you, the process was worth it because being used to set others free is the most phenomenal feeling EVER! Makes you say glad I been through what Iv't been through to be used in this capacity! Keep your eyes on the Bigger Picture! You were born with purpose, for a purpose to be a purpose in someone else!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Open Door

Good Morning Sisters of Honor,

Blessings be unto you! Have you ever gone back? Let me make it a little more specific, gone back to have a relationship with someone and you know the relationship was DONE? Gone back to fix an issue that is clearly in your past? Think about what you could have said should have said or done the other day? Wait, let me stop you right there. God has sent me to impart this wisdom through this revelation he gave me.

Our Father is a GOD of decency and order. He would NEVER have you in a state of confusion. It is his will that you are ALWAYS clear. So, with that in mind, when he OPENS a door for you, he closes every other door that was behind you. It's confusing and outside of his will for you to begin accessing these does that he has closed. If you take a peek at the Armor of God for us in Ephesians. Notice there is no ARMOR for your back only for the FRONT because you are ARMED  for FORWARD moving ONLY! I feel a praise in my spirit this morning! Glory!!!

So beloved stop accessing these doors that hinder your growth and keep you from your abundant living. No long are you to go looking over the DEAD SEA marriage that didn't work, the job that didn't hire you or expired you, the mistakes you made, His mercies are new every morning! No longer will you access the door of Shame, fear, defeat,, low self worth, wavering faith, laziness, no longer. The keys to the gates of abundance are yours. Keep it moving and grab hold of your blessings through the door that God has now opened for you.

Let us Pray:
Father God,
we submit to your will. I bind the readers feet to your will right now Lord that she will not move and that she cannot slip. Father every foul board meeting the enemy has to hinder the progress of my sister I SHUT IT DOWN in Jesus name. Every dirty eye that's monitoring her progress I send spiritual blindness in your name Lord. Father close off access to every mental and spiritual door that you deem forbidden and only highlight the doors that you clearly approve. Lord look after my sister, comfort her and prosper her in health, mind, spirit and pocket. In Jesus name... let the children of God say...AMEN!

Virtuously Yours,
Armetria M Charles