Therefore encourage one another and edify one another, just as you are doing. 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Saturday, October 1, 2011

October S.i.S: Sister in the Spotlight

We are pleased to announce this Dynamic Woman of God as our October Sister in the Spotlight!!! She brings a wealth of knowledge and joy to those who know her. If you are not familiar with this sister, you definitely need to come into contact with her. You will not be disappointed. Please meet one of my dear sister/friends Mrs. Tony Robinson.

Tony is wife of 20 years to the love of her life, Reggie. She is also mom to their four beautiful and gifted children each walking out God’s purpose for their lives. She is a minister, devotional writer and God-Mom to some pretty amazing kids. She’s is founder of Well Watered Woman; a global ministry dedicated to encouraging, enriching and empowering women in their walks with the Lord. Being radically changed, healed and delivered by Gods amazing grace and love; she is passionate about seeing women walk in all that God has destined for them.

As a speaker, Tony is a woman of vision and purpose who delivers the word of God with passion, transparency, humor and authority. Through her walk of transparency and availability she connects with people and draws them to the Father. Her mission is to leave an indelible mark for Christ everywhere she teaches and speaks.

Her passions include: her family, reading, traveling, Lay’s potato chips and an occasional ice cold Pepsi.


Well Watered Woman began as a blog about one woman's journey with God and the lessons she's learning along the way. As Tony blogged about her life and walk with the Lord, she found other women relating to her posts and being strengthened in their journeys with the King. As more women stumbled upon the Well, it became an oasis. A refuge and resting place where women came to be encouraged, renewed, and refreshed in their walks with the lord. As a result, Well Watered Woman has grown into a dynamic international ministry touching and impacted the lives of women globally. With a vision to touch the lives of women for God at all levels, Well Watered Woman introduced Well Watered Woman Teen Ministry. WWWT is a ministry just for girls ages 13-18 who are committed to go growing in God’s grace. They are phenomenal young women of the Word striving to live their lives in such a way that they take their generation for Christ.


Tony is also a co-owner of The Popcorn Folks, their gourmet chocolate popcorn company created and founded by her four children. The Popcorn Folks has grown from 2 flavors to a menu that now includes over 10 varieties of flavored popcorn. We ship our popcorn nationwide and look forward to shipping an order to you!

Finding Balance:

Balance what exactly would that be? LOL Balance comes by realizing your priorities. (God, husband, children and everything else.) We have to always be mindful and diligent with our time and what we are investing it into. When we see an area getting out of balance, we have to make immediate changes. Otherwise, our lives become out of control.

Favorite Scripture:

I can't say I have a favorite scripture per say because I just love the word of God so much.

Favorite Quote:
It all works out in the end, if it hasn't worked our it's not the end.

You can also join Well Watered Woman on their 2012 Women of Destiny Conference Cruise on May 14-19 2012.


  1. Tears! Thank you Sis. Aretha and SOH I am absolutely blessed and honored to be October's SIS. I pray God enlarges your territory and expands your borders far greater than you could imagine or hope.

  2. You know we have nothing but love for you Sis. Thank you for those kind words and I receive it in the Name of Jesus. May God continue to bless you.

  3. Congrats Tony for being in the spotlight. May you continue to shine brightly for Jesus.

  4. Tony, I somehow missed you! I didn't know about S.I.S. until Sis. Aretha reached out and I'm so thankful she did. It is clearly evident Tony you are a woman on a mission for God! Thank you so much for sharing your heart and life in God with us!

    Much love!