Therefore encourage one another and edify one another, just as you are doing. 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Tuesday, February 5, 2013



A dear friend of mine posted the following post on her blog and she also shared it on facebook page the other day. Once I read it, I immediately knew I wanted to share it here with all of you. I'm sure some of you have probably gone through this at some point but I encourage everyone to please read this in it's entirety.


Many will get offended by this- or should I say FEEL THE STING OF CONVICTION upon hearing/reading this; but praise God that He loves you enough to bring this to your attention, that you may REPENT and get it together privately- before He exposes you publicly! THIS IS NOT UP FOR DEBATE! IF YOU DISAGREE, WE'LL JUST HAVE TO AGREE TO DISAGREE AND KEEP IT MOVING....

God speaks to and uses us ALL in many DIFFERENT ways. His call on MY life is NOT the same as His call on YOUR life or anyone else's. Whatever God calls US to do, He will equip US to do it. We should NEVER try to be anyone else, or do what anyone else is doing, except that which GOD has called US to. Now SHARING is one thing, but STEALING is quite another! We should NEVER try to take credit for something that God has ordained for someone else. That includes EVERYTHING, even writings, sermons, prophecies, and yes, FACEBOOK postings! When we sneakily 'use' something that God has given to someone else and PURPOSELY MISLEAD people to believe it is our own, we are DECEIVING them and ourselves! And in the case of using people's writings, etc. without their expressed PERMISSION and/or ACKNOWLEDGMENT, (PURPOSELY REMOVING THEIR NAME AND/OR COPYRIGHT), we are PLAGAIRIZING/STEALING! And should an author or whomever's 'work' we are using is UNKNOWN, we should make that very clear as well!

Beloveds, we have to treat other people in the SAME manner that we ourselves would like to be treated, in EVERY single area of our lives. We should ALWAYS GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE! Of course, GOD GETS ALL THE GLORY as He is the ultimate Source of all we have, all we do, all we are; but again, He has chosen to give EACH one of us certain gifts, tasks, etc. to bring forth for His glory.

Going deeper.... Blasphemy is attributing/giving credit to- the things of God to satan or anyone/anything else and vice versa. The bible teaches us that all sins are forgivable EXCEPT this one- blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. So even God is NOT pleased with the lying, stealing and deceitfulness involved in this! So BE CAREFUL beloved- you may be fooling 'man' some of the time, but you are NOT fooling God any of the time! And you better believe that you will have to GIVE AN ACCOUNT to God for all of this deceitfulness one day! If you truly LOVE GOD and have a REAL and INTIMATE relationship with Him, you will NEVER be at such a "LOSS FOR WORDS," or have to PRETEND that you are so "SPIRITUAL" and hear such "DEEP" things from God that you have to COPY/IMITATE/STEAL; and claim something as your own that you KNOW full well God has NOT given to you! The Spirit of God will be able to FLOW FREELY in, through and OUT of you for the glory of God. Beloved PLAGIARISM is pathetic... It's really sad and disheartening-especially in the Body of Christ! But I thank God for divine revelation... REPENT NOW BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE.... Selah! 

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