Therefore encourage one another and edify one another, just as you are doing. 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Racing Thoughts

Good Morning Sisters Of Honor,

What a lovely day that God is springing forth to once again allow us to bask in his glory. This morning's message hits home for me, as I am a believer that I can never take you further than I've been. Let's take a journey into the battlefield of our minds. Have you ever just woke up and thoughts begin to race in your head? The constant reminders of the hurt, pain, shame, irritations, betrayal, self pity, the guilt, bitterness, ragging emotions, and the failure of yesterday and we all know the list is never-ending. We thought once we laid down for the night  we would most certainly awaken refreshed without worries and residues of yesterday issues. Have you tried praying and it seems as if you are spiritually ADHD (prayer is all over the place and you cannot seem to tap into the source without interruption or fail) or you are simply paralyzed due to the thoughts that are flying uncontrollably in your mind? I understand, because that was me.

I woke one morning with my train totally off track thinking about the plagues that seem to own the deed on my mind. I wanted to pray and couldn't seem to find the words when Father was able to read me heart and he simply responded "Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Hear that in your minds and spirits this morning "Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" remember every knee bows before the Lord our God so... depression, oppression, worry, anxiety and confusion has to obey God's command to CEASE and be SILENT in your life. Once the message has been delivered to every signal in your mind then you must guard your mind, your peace and your stability. You do this by following these simply steps of training your thoughts to stay on track. You do it by... Taking ACTION!!!

A= Acknowledge any emotions that presents themselves (if you are angry, upset, furious ect. Acknowledge that. Don't be legalistic with yourself and not allow yourself to feel what you are feeling this will plague your mind later. In other words if you are upset say that "I am upset, but God..."

C= Consider the cause, force and source! Where on earth are these emotions or thoughts coming from?

T= Thank God (Assuming a position of worship and praise confuses the enemy. Remember whenever a war broke out in the Bible notice the musicians went first. There is a sound that reclaims your peace that same sound of praise and worship helped sooth Saul when demons harassed him. He called on David to play the Harp and the demons would leave. Well expect those forces that have caused your mental battles to LEAVE also! So, thank God for providing you with an release.

I= Identify the Biblical Response! You need the word, your (Sword)  to identify the response needed to apply to your situation. A good source is the Fruit of The Spirit love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness,faith, meekness, and self control(the key to keeping your thoughts and actions on track). Which one of these fruit need be applied to your situation.

O= Obey the BIBLICAL response.  It's important that once you find the right way to respond that no matter how you feel you OBEY it.

N= Nurture that response! Whatever you feed will grow. So feed your mind and spirit with the word daily.

Today's Prayer:
Lord I thank you for causing all things to become silent in my life so that I may connect to you the source for a response to my situation. I turn in all of my ways for your witty inventions and guidance in my life. I recognize my need for you and my situation is depending on me to trust and obey you. Today Lord I release myself to walk in peace that surpasses all understanding. Because I trust you I have shut down the tracks that allow my thoughts to race. In Jesus name I submit my prayer, my mind and my life. I will have an awesome day, on purpose!

Virtuously Yours,
Armetria M Charles

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