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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November (S.I.S) Sister in the Spotlight: Lisa Shaw

Lisa Shaw
Praise the Lord Ladies! I’m excited to share a bit of my love for God with you on this beautiful ministry Sisters of Honor with Deaconess Aretha Turner. Thank you for the honor. It’s very humbling to share with you today…

A bit about me:

Let me say that God’s love is the story of my life and it shows in His mercy, grace and patience that He pours out on me daily. I have been married for over 21 years to my best friend, spiritual covering, ministry partner and the man whom I call my greatest cheerleader, Peter Shaw. He is my Border Buster for sure! I have two daughters ages 25 and 18 who are my hearts. I have two precious grand-girls ages 4 and 3 who are my joys and I have one special son-in-law. I’m also Mamma to two Maltese fur-boys named Goodness and Merci.

While I come with business background, my calling is to minister the Word of God to all who are wounded and need to know God loves them. A call I have taken seriously for a very long time. By God’s grace I am an ordained pastor (along with my husband), bible teacher, speaker and first time author.

When I had the pleasure to be with my Grandparents which was regularly, they not only took me to church they involved me. I grew up serving God in church, gave my life to Christ at age 12 but had many struggles due to childhood pain that affected my life including decisions I made in my teens and into my mid-twenties. After a history of being hindered by past pain, people pleasing, approval addiction, secret-sin and the grip of fear, I came to realize that I was enough in God’s eyes. I was valuable to Him through Christ. Yes, you can be saved, serving in Church and still be carnal and hurting tremendously. I remember the day when 1 John 3:1 became life to me. I came to know Him not just as my God but as my Abba Father; someone in whom I could feel safe and who loved me not for how I looked or how I performed but just because I was His! That’s freeing ladies!

The Ministry:

Lisa Shaw Ministries ( is a prayer, bible teaching, speaking and ministering ministry which helps people to see themselves through God’s eyes. God’s given me a very tender heart toward the wounded woman especially. Hence, I have just published my first book: You Are Beautiful In God’s Eyes. For a description of the book and why I believe God has purposed this for EVERY woman of ALL ages, please see my website. ( I believe Aretha asked who inspired me to write my book. It was every woman I’ve ever ministered to and every woman that is wounded in her heart or mind. It also has some of my testimony and how God healed my heart. He led me to get this book done. He used a girlfriend of mine to kick it off at lunch in late May of this year. I was showing her a booklet written by another author when she asked, “Where is your booklet Lisa?” Two months later I had a draft book in my hands for my hubby and my friend to edit. I give God all the glory because it was not Lisa who did it but Him. It took me years of starts and stops in writing a book and finally, in His timing and by His Spirit, I got it done! Let me tell you ladies that there is such incredible healing, grace and restoration when we truly lay down the lies of the enemy and our past or present circumstances and even our own negative thoughts and dare to believe what God says about us! I pray you’ll get the book and if you do, I’d love to hear from you. (

 On-line Ministry:

By His grace I have two blogs that are extensions of the ministry: Sharing Life with Lisa ( where I share my heart and life in Christ, and His Love Covers Our Sins ( which is a Post Abortive Healing Ministry blog.

My Favorite Scripture and Quote: 

I love the Word of God in its entirety but I will share one with you that is very important to my personal life and that is Psalm 27:13-14. Grandma, who is the one who taught me to love God, pray and to hunger for His word; taught me this Scripture when I was very young. She told me that I would need it. She was right. It’s walked with me for over 45 years.

Psalm 27:13-14 (KJV) I had fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.

I have a few favorite quotes. One that helped me during my healing process from my childhood is “You can be bitter or better” by Joyce Meyer. That’s life changing when you grasp it fully.

What I’d like to leave you with ladies is never stop reaching for what God has purposed you to do. Don’t seek His hand. Seek His heart. Don’t look for His presents. Seek His presence. When you do He will take care of the rest and remember, you are bright, brilliant and beautiful in God’s Eyes. Yes you are! I love you and I’m praying for you with compassion. Please come visit with me and let me know you dropped in and how I may pray for you.
Lisa Shaw
You Are Beautiful In God’s Eyes Facebook page:
You Are Beautiful In God's Eyes

I would like to thank Mrs. Lisa Shaw for sharing with us on today. She is definitely an anointed blessing to the Body of Christ. I would recommend you purchase a copy of her book for yourself  and also be a blessing to someone else. You will be sowing into good ground.


  1. Sis. Aretha, thank you so much for asking me to be your Nov. S.I.S. that blessed my socks off truly. It's humbling to share with your precious readers and friends here on this amazing ministry blog. You are a bright light for the Kingdom so keep shining! Love and blessings!

  2. Aww, thanks Sandra! God bless you!

  3. "Congratulations Lisa"!!! I enjoyed your testimony of God's goodness and faithfulness to you and your family,I did not know you were a Pastor,speaker yes,but Pastor nope LOL,wonderful!!

    After a history of being hindered by past pain, people pleasing, approval addiction, secret-sin and the grip of fear, I came to realize that I was enough in God’s eyes. I was valuable to Him through Christ. Yes, you can be saved, serving in Church and still be carnal and hurting tremendously.

    I totally love this,and a lot of Christians still don't know or believe this, But much like you after the pain,heartache,people pleasing (I still need help with this one) God has given me much wisdom as to who I am in Christ,love and great comfort.
    Love you Lisa talk with you soon

  4. Thanks Pat!! God is incredibly faithful! I remember the day my healing in Christ journey began all those years ago from those things which hindered me and I have to continue to pray and meditate on His Word and with His help I press forward as we all do. Without His help we wouldn't make it!! The awesome thing is that He works all things together for our good! I'm thankful to Him as I know you are!! He's an awesome God!! Keep close to Him! He loves you!!!

    Love and blessings and thanks again!!! Hugs!!

  5. To Lisa - Congratulations and God bless you woman of GOD! You know I adore your ministry!
    To Sis. Aretha - you KEEP us in the company of awesome women of God, thank you for all that you do to bless us.


  6. What a Grace filled life you have had, dear Lisa!! Your grandparents sound like really special soul - what a blessing to have had them in your life!!
    Have a lovely day!

  7. It is very nice to "meet" you, Sister Aretha...the description of your S.O.H. ministry tells of a much needed one for all daughters of God...

    I have "known" Lisa for several years and her loving and compassionate heart has always blessed me greatly... are a sister of the heart and a blessing to so many! Love you!

  8. Sister Lisa, Thank you again for accepting.

    Sister Tony, You know I love to bless others as I am blessed. I thank God for allowing me to be among such godly women.

    Sister Karen, it's nice to meet you also. You are so right about Lisa being loving and compassionate. She is a great Woman of God.

  9. Sis Lisa, I enjoyed reading your testimony and learning a bit more about you. You are truly a blessing.

    I have a favorite quote by Joyce Meyers also, it's "do it afraid" I tell myself that a whole lot:)

  10. You ladies are truly a blessing to my life. Thank you so very much for your words and your HEARTS. I pray a special blessings on each one of your lives, your families and all that you place your hand to for Kingdom purposes.

    Sis. Aretha, thank you again for being an incredible example of a generous heart.

    I love you all!

  11. Your testimony is wonderful and I thank God for people who care about the wounded hearts with so much compassion. Thank you, Lisa.

  12. I am honored to know Lisa. She is the real deal and loves the Lord with all her heart. I love that God is using her to bless many and to turn them to Him. Seek His heart and His presence is something that I too desire. Her new book is wonderful and well worth the time to read. I highly recommend it.

    I'm so glad that Lisa was featured for this month. May many be blessed and draw closer to the Lord from hearing and reading Lisa's testimony.

    Blessings and love,

  13. Aww, Mary and Debbie, I love and appreciate you both! You are bright lights for the Kingdom of God!!

  14. Debbie I couldn't agree more. Thanks for stopping by.

  15. Thanks again precious Aretha for asking me and giving me the honor of being the S.I.S. for the month of November with Sisters of Honor. It has truly been my honor. I pray God's continued favor and blessing over you and your family and ministry.

    Much love!

  16. Thank you for allowing me to share your some of your God given blessings with others.
    ~Peace and Blessings!