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Friday, August 17, 2012

6 Survival Tips for College

1. Experiencing college can be the most joyful yet difficult opportunity you may encounter. You must go into it with your number one priority which is an education. There will be parties, drinking, drugs, and other enticing things going on but you must remember what you came there for. Peer pressure is one of the top things you will experience your entire college career. Some of your “friends” will want you to stay out until the sun comes up when they know you have a 9am class the next morning. It is up to you to make the right decision. Remember just because it sounds good doesn’t mean it is good for you. You must have a yearning inside of you to achieve your goals that you came there for. You must also have a determination so high that anything that hinders you from reaching your dreams will be detached from you.

2. There will be some people there who will not be fond of you because of your walk with Christ, but remember who it will be that will save you, comfort you, and lead you into the right direction. You can NEVER go wrong when you’re walking with Jesus. Trust me…it may seem fun and exciting at first when you’re distancing yourself from Jesus but after a while you will learn your mistake. Having a strong relationship with Jesus will allow you to stay focused on what His plans are for you and will bring you so much joy. Being a Christian in college is not boring. Matters of fact, a lot of my friends know I am a Christian and respect that but that does not mean we cannot have fun with one another.

3. One of the things I have learned from being in college is to get to know your professors. They will help you understand the material better than they did during lecture. Building a relationship with your professors will also come in handy when you need letter of recommendations, advice, and other outstanding opportunities. They also can help you with calculating the grades you need to achieve the grade you want in the class.

4. Another crucial thing you must know in college is the courses you need to take. In my freshman year they had me as undecided when I had chosen my major as biology. I had to go through a long grueling process of declaring a major I had thought was already stated. They had put me in unnecessary classes that were not needed for my major so that had set me back a semester. When you go for advisement, have a list of the classes you want to take the next semester. Allow your advisor to choose the ones from that list that would be the best options for you to take. Do not take a heavy load because it will cause you to burnout during the middle of the semester. But you MUST know the courses you need to take because the longer they can keep you enrolled the more money they will make and we all know you do not want to stay in college longer than you have to.

5. Take time out for yourself. I always made time for some “me time”…although I realized after a while that I was taking entirely too much “me time” ha ha. However, I did choose Fridays and Saturday mornings as my “me time” days. I did not look at the material for my classes none on those days or time-frames, but depending on your workload you may have to choose only one day or half a day. I do not recommend Sundays as one being that you have classes the next day.

6. Another important thing is study now play later. Study the material after the lecture you will be able to retain the information better. Trust me I know after you have set in lecture for an hour or more you do not want to look at those notes or book anymore. If you study your material and do well on the test those headaches and annoying feelings about the class will soon vanish. I’m sure seeing an A or B in the course will put a smile on your face.

Those are my 6 most important tips on having a successful college career. If you have any questions do not hesitate to comment below :)

God's grace,

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