Therefore encourage one another and edify one another, just as you are doing. 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Check out the New Look..

Sisters of Honor's Blog has a New Look. In honor of our 1 Year Anniversary we now have our own logo. Please let us know what you think. I am so excited about it. My new friend Edie did a wonderful job. If you are in need of a blog or website logo, please check her out. You can contact her by clicking the Designed by blog button. Please tell her I sent you. She is AWESOME!

I think she captured the transformation of one emerging into a beautiful woman and soaring off into doing what God has called her to do. Just like a butterfly transitioning from a cocoon into a beautiful butterfly.

Have a Wonderful Day.

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  1. I really like it,it does capture the transformation that we as Christian Women take when we let God order or steps

  2. Wow look at what the Lord has done!!!! just beautiful! I love the butterfly concept too, Congratulations on your 1 year Anniversary, may the SOH ministry grow stronger with each passing year!

  3. BEAUTIFUL! Absolutely beautiful, it speaks to the vision and direction of SOH. Excellent job.

  4. Thank you Aretha. To God be the Glory. You are a delight to work with and I'm so glad you like it.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. I want to thank each of you. We are all women destined to walk in the Honor of God. We all come from a different place and have went through different trials and maybe some the same, but we are a Daughter of the King. To god be the glory! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. God Bless You!