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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Can You Tell What Time It Is?

Good Morning Sisters of Honor,

I greet you in the grace and love of our savior Jesus Christ. Have you ever been "TRAUMATIZED?"  I think we all have been in some shape form or fashion. The question is how have we handled that trauma? For me I learned that I was a master at emotionally checking out. I was great at numbing myself with spiritual anesthesia to numb the pain of what I experienced. Although I did a pretty good job at throwing it in the hidden file cabinet of my mind under lock and key it was still there taking up precious space and showing up when my earth would shake with pain again.

When I would face another problem all of the other problems I had tucked away would pop-up like a jack in the box that I was not interested in playing with. It was agitating, aggravating, intimidating and emotionally OVERWHELMING! It seemed as if TIME STOOD STILL and although naturally it hadn't and couldn't in my world and mind it did! I was stuck all over again.

The lord had begin to minister to me about healing and that he would have to pull this stuff up so that I could confront it not alone but with him, Holy Spirit and Jesus all together. Even with all of that help I found myself still nauseated and stuck in time with the idea of having to face what I had down right hated. Nobody likes pain and the typical response to it is to separate yourself from it. 

God was willing and ready with my permission to heal me from the pain that I had suffered at the hands of others. He begin to minister to me about forgiving them. Initially it was hard but it got easier as I saw weights lifting every-time I would at-least try to do it. I had to learn that I was forgiving for me, not them! I needed to forgive so that God in return can do the same for me. I started to go through my initially painful process and out of it, I am healed and free indeed! I want to share somethings that I incorporated in my life to help me through the process.

Remind Yourself Of What Time It Is
I would often zone out to another space and time where and when the trauma occurred. I had to find a physical clock or watch so that I could remind myself of where I am NOW. I had to remind myself I am in the now not the then. "Then" can no longer hurt me it's where it belongs back there! We sometimes get stuck in a time portal that no longer serves us. It's gone and you have today to live and tomorrow to look forward to keep moving forward.

Learn and Rest In God's Grace
God's grace is a sweet spot for me. It's a place that never leaves you. Find it, nurture it and turn up the frequency whenever you need more of it! God is always looking for reasons to wrap you in comfort, blanket you in love and swaddle you in his peace just like a baby. Think on those things, very often!

Practice the Art Of Not Becoming Offended
Intrusive thoughts will come! Handle thim accordingly with the medicine of healthy thinking. Notice I said handle them!  It is VERY important that we drown them out with the water of the word and the washing of your mind through prayer. Keep your mind fed with healthy substance! Understand the thoughts come to remind you that you have suffered in some way, however take heart that Jesus himself is showing you through this process how to go through trauma without being traumatized. The thoughts don't win, you do, now act like it! ;-)

Keep Track Of Your Contribution To The Problems
Are you spending more time being problem-focused rather than walking in the healing of God focused? Careful, trauma is tricky and it would have you thinking about it constantly and often. Shut it DOWN by doing more of the thing God wants you to do. Don't think to have to be picture perfect to work in the Kingdom or do what you love. If you were perfect, you wouldn't need God. So rejoice in being imperfect. Learn to loosen up and laugh a little. Prepare to someday use your truamatice expereinces as a rescue mission for others. Yep, God works that way what the enemy was using to tare you up and down God will use to fortify you while your life is used as a tool of healing and restoration!  Let me tell you, the process was worth it because being used to set others free is the most phenomenal feeling EVER! Makes you say glad I been through what Iv't been through to be used in this capacity! Keep your eyes on the Bigger Picture! You were born with purpose, for a purpose to be a purpose in someone else!


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