Therefore encourage one another and edify one another, just as you are doing. 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Open Door

Good Morning Sisters of Honor,

Blessings be unto you! Have you ever gone back? Let me make it a little more specific, gone back to have a relationship with someone and you know the relationship was DONE? Gone back to fix an issue that is clearly in your past? Think about what you could have said should have said or done the other day? Wait, let me stop you right there. God has sent me to impart this wisdom through this revelation he gave me.

Our Father is a GOD of decency and order. He would NEVER have you in a state of confusion. It is his will that you are ALWAYS clear. So, with that in mind, when he OPENS a door for you, he closes every other door that was behind you. It's confusing and outside of his will for you to begin accessing these does that he has closed. If you take a peek at the Armor of God for us in Ephesians. Notice there is no ARMOR for your back only for the FRONT because you are ARMED  for FORWARD moving ONLY! I feel a praise in my spirit this morning! Glory!!!

So beloved stop accessing these doors that hinder your growth and keep you from your abundant living. No long are you to go looking over the DEAD SEA marriage that didn't work, the job that didn't hire you or expired you, the mistakes you made, His mercies are new every morning! No longer will you access the door of Shame, fear, defeat,, low self worth, wavering faith, laziness, no longer. The keys to the gates of abundance are yours. Keep it moving and grab hold of your blessings through the door that God has now opened for you.

Let us Pray:
Father God,
we submit to your will. I bind the readers feet to your will right now Lord that she will not move and that she cannot slip. Father every foul board meeting the enemy has to hinder the progress of my sister I SHUT IT DOWN in Jesus name. Every dirty eye that's monitoring her progress I send spiritual blindness in your name Lord. Father close off access to every mental and spiritual door that you deem forbidden and only highlight the doors that you clearly approve. Lord look after my sister, comfort her and prosper her in health, mind, spirit and pocket. In Jesus name... let the children of God say...AMEN!

Virtuously Yours,
Armetria M Charles

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