Therefore encourage one another and edify one another, just as you are doing. 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Greetings Sisters of Honor,

There was a time when my emotions were all over the place. I jumped to conclusions, made assumptions and was just an emotional roller-coaster wreck. A lot of friendships were displaced and destroyed due to my over-reacting response to issues. If I had the slightest disagreement with you and you sent me a message I would mis-read it and respond to you out of offense and after cooling down go back and read the message to find I was wrong, the way I had initially interpreted the message was not the way you were saying it . If I had to name this condition I would name it "EMOTIONS GONE WILD".

I would often say to myself, "I wish I was a dude" so I wouldn't have to feel the impact of every situation the way I was feeling it. After going up and down, side to side on this bumpy emotional ride I was exhausted and just about friendless. What on Earth was the PROBLEM? The problem was my programming! When we come into the world we are automatically programmed. Our parents, the people who we spend the most time around, and the situations we encounter in life shapes and makes up our programming.  You have probably figured out based on what I mentioned about my past emotional programming, I had a jacked up system going on. You are right, I did.

I responded to everything out of every negative experience I encountered in life. Having abandonment issues I would do things indirectly (without knowing why) to sabotage my relationships with others. It was like I had to destroy the relationship before you left me. I always thought someone was out to get me, talking about me, jealous of me, copying off of me to sum it all up... BONDAGE!!!!!

Many of us live this way right now! God doesn't want you hurting any longer. Being in that place is lonely and desolate it's a destructive place. Satan loves when you're in that state and God hates it! God is jealous over YOU! Anything that hinders you, hurts you, stops you, scares you is enemy to him. God's desire is to reprogram your way of thinking, receiving, and being. The Bible states that we must train our children and bring them up in the way they are to go and they will not depart from those things. Perhaps, your parents or guardians like mine didn't bring you up in the way you were to go. Here's a revelation the Lord shared with me "when you accepted me as you Lord and savior my Father became you Father and the Holy Spirit you guardian. We will train you and bring you up in the way you should go". That was an amazing REVELATION to me because it really proves that God is a God of second chances!

Here are some steps to deleting the old programming and accepting the New Spirit-led programming.
1. Accept the fact that the old way of thinking is EXPIRED those beliefs and ways of doing things are no longer able to serve you.
2.Transform your way of thinking by applying the Biblical response to things.
3. Pray often... when you feel your emotions going wild read and visualize Psalms 23 I love it when he says I lead you by the still waters. Imagine the Good Shepherd leading your emotions to a place of stillness and calm.
4. Reject old programming by way of people. Don't be afraid to let them know that you are no longer in agreements with certain actions and ways of thinking.
5. Accept God's healing. Bask in his love for you. Study his love and his thoughts towards you.
6. Before responding to situations stop (reflect), Drop (to your knees in prayer), and Roll (don't let it get you down)

I am standing in agreement with you as the spirit bear witness TOTAL healing in your heart, will and emotions. God touch my sister with you finger of healing this morning. When issues arise make things go in slow motion so that she can interpret and discern properly. Father I pray your healing on every spiritual sting she has encountered now or as a child. Nurture her to be perfected in love GOD. Make her to lie down in green pastures as you minister to her soul and mend her heart. Father I thank you for your sufficient strength in her life and for you brand new mercies within her. In Jesus name may your will for perfect healing take place right now!!!! Amen!

Armetria M Charles

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It Hurts...

Good Morning Sisters of Honor,

I woke up this morning with something pressing in my spirit. You see, I had gotten my feelings hurt deeply by someone who was suppose to be my friend. I tossed and turned thinking about this situation, this betrayal throughout the night. I wanted my peace while my flesh wanted to react like only the flesh could react...foolishly. With all of these knots in my stomach I could barley stay focused when I ask myself "Have you spent enough time in God's presence with this situation?" the answer was No! I had not spend enough time at all. I simply mention it to the Lord in complaint and left it there. Well that's not what God nor my situations was requiring. Holy Spirit hovered over me never leaving nor forsaking me as I was in agony. It grieved him that I had not brought it to him and look to him to be my counselor/comforter or to love me back to good health.

After going to loddie, dottie, and everybody I still found NO RELIEF. Some situations nobody but God can counsel you for he is the great counselor. I finally decided that I was going to cry before the Lord with this thing and, I did. The spirit of the most high lead me to  1Corinthians 13. I immediately felt every hole in my heart being filled with love. All of the hurt, disappointment, shame, and guilt I was feeling was OVERWHELMED by LOVE. So with that being said I am free from all hurt this morning and a walking talking vessel for LOVE.

Beloved it is God's will that you are walking in peace and that you are more than ok. Daddy is hurt when you are hurt and you have not allowed him to heal that hurt. Some of you may not have peace due to various circumstances well Father wants to speak PEACE being still in your life and fill you with spiritual Vitamins of peace. Your vitamin is the WORD of GOD! What vitamin is deficient in your life? If it's anger you're feeling fill yourself up on scriptures of love and peace!
The word says perfect love cast out all fear.... don't fear because you my friend are being perfected in LOVE!

Armetria M Charles


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Be Not Ashamed...By Guest Poster

Our Guest Poster for today is Ayana Elon. When I read her message I knew that it had to be shared with the Sisters of Honor Readers.

I am a member of a popular online community and received an email concerning the information I have in my profile. I won’t post everything here, but my profile basically contains information about me being the founder of Elon Ministries and how I like to help others. The man who sent me the email seemed very concerned about me “telling” everyone about my ministry.

I sat at my desk, looking at the computer screen, and actually thought about deleting just about all of the details in my profile. I sat wondering what if someone else thinks the same way. What if I was coming off as trying to be “Too Much” or “Too Christian-like”? Is that possible? (Smile.)

Then I began to think more clearly. Romans 10:11, KJV states that “For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.”

There was once a time when I used to stay away from people who wanted to talk about God and what He was doing for them. I remember being snappy to several people who just wanted to talk about me giving my life to Christ at a time when I was down for just about anything. I did not want to hear it. I’m just being honest. I would be like, “Oh Lawd, not this again”.

However, God has changed my life in ways that I did not think were possible and now, I am the one who wants to share the gospel with others. I have a deep desire for the Word and want to let others know what God has delivered me from. I realize that a lot of the things I struggled with are the same things that make it possible for me to share my testimonies with people dealing with the same things.

I am not ashamed and will not let anyone break me down for showing God how much I love and appreciate Him by letting His people who are lost know that He is the way. I am in no way perfect and Lord knows I still have flaws, but at this moment, He is perfecting me. He is equipping me for my duties, training me so that I can train others.

In this game called life, you can either play God’s way or let the devil play you. I, for one, have never been the type of woman who likes to be played. So, I’m going to do this God’s way. He can use me as He sees fit…Even if it means coming off as “too Christian-like”. I am not ashamed!

It’s the Word!

Be Blessed!

Ayana Elon

Thank you Sister Ayana for sharing your message and being open and honest. I know this is going to bless someone. We as Christians must stand up for our beliefs (but not overbearing) and not be ashamed.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Baby Steps, It's Ok!

Good Morning Sisters Of  Honor,

I greet you with the love and the spirit of Christ. Grace be unto you. I remember my 1st day at the gym and seeing women who where working the stair stepping machines like it was nobody's business. I thought to myself on my first day, hmmm I am about to get it in! I am going to show all of these women up and I stepped onto the machine not accounting that intensity. One of the sisters said "Perhaps, you may want to start on the treadmill since you are new" I was a little prideful and responded "I will start right here!" Now, I took a prideful approach not to adhere the advice of the season veterans and took it upon myself to get on the machine anyway!

Not even 60 seconds on it, I begin to get dizzy, tired, and the machine was readiing my pulse and warning me that my heart rate was way to high. Although in pain I didn't want to prove the woman right, that I was not conditioned for that machine at that particular time. I ended up hitting the emergency stop button and then running to the bathroom where I mentally battered myself. I thought, those women are way bigger that I am (I know wrong way to think) so why on Earth are they able to handle that machine with way more body mass than I? (How many times have you done that dagg-on near killed yourself, your spirit, and confidence trying to walk someone else's pace?) Lawd help us!

That day the Holy Spirit ministered to me. "Armetria, respect your proccess!" I called my dad who is a Personal Trainer and ask him to train me and he broke it down. "Armetria start with the treadmill do 45min a day for two weeks! To condition your body! Although you are small you are out of shape! Once you are conditioned I will train you" Ok, the truth hurt but the truth would also save my life and prepare me for the next step in becoming healthy. After two weeks of conditioning I revisited the slippery slopes (the machine that I was not able to handle before) I still was not able to withstand it for a long period of time at first but I would attempt it everyday showing up doing what I could do with greater frequency! Now I have become a master at it and I can keep up with the other ladies (although that doesn't matter now).

All that to say, so what if you take baby steps towards your goals.... you still make it to your goal. The baby steps condition you to execute the greater intentions in your life. Like the Spirit of God said to me "Respect your proccess" I didn't understand it then but I understand it now. So it really doesn't matter to me whether I walk to loose the weight or run I am still accomplishing what I had set out to do. Taking baby steps is not a bad thing acutually if you are willing to change your thought proccess in respect to that. You t can view taking babysteps  as an excuse for Daddy to hold your hand a little longer.

Your baby steps are just a conditioning period for a greater intention! Respect your proccess!

Take note, the blessing of my dad becoming my trainer wasn't unlocked until I finished my babstep (conditioning period) So, ask yourself what blessings will unlock for me if I am willing to slow down, allow God's grace to cover me while I crush my pride and go through the  conditioning proccess? I could only imagine!!! 

“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don't adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.”~Confucious
Love you all!

Virtuously Yours,

Armetria M Charles

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July

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As you go through your day celebrating your Independence, don't forget to celebrate our Heavenly Father which is where OUR TRUE FREEDOM is.

If you do not know Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, now is the time to get to know Him. Salvation Prayer


Have a Blessed Day!