Therefore encourage one another and edify one another, just as you are doing. 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Greetings Sisters of Honor,

There was a time when my emotions were all over the place. I jumped to conclusions, made assumptions and was just an emotional roller-coaster wreck. A lot of friendships were displaced and destroyed due to my over-reacting response to issues. If I had the slightest disagreement with you and you sent me a message I would mis-read it and respond to you out of offense and after cooling down go back and read the message to find I was wrong, the way I had initially interpreted the message was not the way you were saying it . If I had to name this condition I would name it "EMOTIONS GONE WILD".

I would often say to myself, "I wish I was a dude" so I wouldn't have to feel the impact of every situation the way I was feeling it. After going up and down, side to side on this bumpy emotional ride I was exhausted and just about friendless. What on Earth was the PROBLEM? The problem was my programming! When we come into the world we are automatically programmed. Our parents, the people who we spend the most time around, and the situations we encounter in life shapes and makes up our programming.  You have probably figured out based on what I mentioned about my past emotional programming, I had a jacked up system going on. You are right, I did.

I responded to everything out of every negative experience I encountered in life. Having abandonment issues I would do things indirectly (without knowing why) to sabotage my relationships with others. It was like I had to destroy the relationship before you left me. I always thought someone was out to get me, talking about me, jealous of me, copying off of me to sum it all up... BONDAGE!!!!!

Many of us live this way right now! God doesn't want you hurting any longer. Being in that place is lonely and desolate it's a destructive place. Satan loves when you're in that state and God hates it! God is jealous over YOU! Anything that hinders you, hurts you, stops you, scares you is enemy to him. God's desire is to reprogram your way of thinking, receiving, and being. The Bible states that we must train our children and bring them up in the way they are to go and they will not depart from those things. Perhaps, your parents or guardians like mine didn't bring you up in the way you were to go. Here's a revelation the Lord shared with me "when you accepted me as you Lord and savior my Father became you Father and the Holy Spirit you guardian. We will train you and bring you up in the way you should go". That was an amazing REVELATION to me because it really proves that God is a God of second chances!

Here are some steps to deleting the old programming and accepting the New Spirit-led programming.
1. Accept the fact that the old way of thinking is EXPIRED those beliefs and ways of doing things are no longer able to serve you.
2.Transform your way of thinking by applying the Biblical response to things.
3. Pray often... when you feel your emotions going wild read and visualize Psalms 23 I love it when he says I lead you by the still waters. Imagine the Good Shepherd leading your emotions to a place of stillness and calm.
4. Reject old programming by way of people. Don't be afraid to let them know that you are no longer in agreements with certain actions and ways of thinking.
5. Accept God's healing. Bask in his love for you. Study his love and his thoughts towards you.
6. Before responding to situations stop (reflect), Drop (to your knees in prayer), and Roll (don't let it get you down)

I am standing in agreement with you as the spirit bear witness TOTAL healing in your heart, will and emotions. God touch my sister with you finger of healing this morning. When issues arise make things go in slow motion so that she can interpret and discern properly. Father I pray your healing on every spiritual sting she has encountered now or as a child. Nurture her to be perfected in love GOD. Make her to lie down in green pastures as you minister to her soul and mend her heart. Father I thank you for your sufficient strength in her life and for you brand new mercies within her. In Jesus name may your will for perfect healing take place right now!!!! Amen!

Armetria M Charles

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!!! Amen and amen!!!