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Friday, October 5, 2012

Fitness Friday: Week 1 ShapelyGirl Fitness

I have completed my first week of working out with the ShapelyGirl Fitness Dvd. As part of the challenge,  I have committed to working out the minimum of three days a week.

I was used to working out with fitness dvd's but I had gotten out of my routine of being consistent. So, I was definitely wondering how I was going to achieve this first workout.

 I had planned to begin working out Monday morning but things happen and I wasn't able to so I had to work out during the evening. I prefer to do my workouts early because I feel it helps me to begin my day but there are times when I have to make an adjustment. I was determined to get my workout in for the day so, I had to do it that evening. Once, I turned the dvd on, there was no stopping. I had finally started working out and nobody was there to witness if I was unable to keep up but the dog (and she was watching).

I was so proud of myself  because I managed to complete the entire workout without having to stop. Of course, there were moments when I wanted to stop and get some water but I chose to continue. After completing the workout, I was TIRED but it felt so good. I wanted to just fall out on the floor but if I did I knew that is where I would have been until my husband returned home. I know it's sad but oh so true! I was sweating so bad I had to get in the shower immediately.

Now for the sad part. I have always had trouble with my knee which is one of the reasons why it has been difficult for me to stay consistent with working out. It was difficult for me to walk on it the rest of the night so, I knew I would be taking the next day off  from working out to give my knee a break.

So, I'm thinking since I had the one day of rest I should be ready to get back to working out. My knee is still sore! Now I'm thinking. What should I do? I don't want to be in worse pain but I also don't want to stop when I just started. My motivation is high and  I want it to remain this way. I am determined to get my energy level back to where it used to be. All of these different thoughts were going through my mind.

I did manage to workout two mornings before my daughter and I began school. To my surprise, she worked out with me. I wasn't sure how she was going to be able to handle her school work after the workout but she did well.This time the workouts were not as bad. I guess because I knew not to push myself as hard as I did the first time. Not to mention, the pain in the knee would not allow me to do too much extra pushing anyway.

On my last day of working out, I decided to do the 19 minute workout since my knee was still hurting. I was really afraid to do the entire workout. Moving some is better than nothing at all. I didn't want to push it because if I did I would not be able to work out at all.

I do plan to workout on Saturday!!!

If you are not familiar with ShapelyGirl Fitness or the challenge I'm participating in, please click here.

You will also learn about the Debra Mazda the Founder as well as which DVD I'm using.

Don't forget to join me back here every Friday for the month of October for my progress regarding the ShapelyGirl Fitness.


  1. Congratulations on pushing through! I hurt my back on Thursday night (a very old sprain - I know better than to pick up a 5 year old) - I'm hoping that the workouts will help to strengthen my back. Look at it positively.

    Would wrapping your knee help? You're probably already doing that - but just in case I just throw that ? in there.

    I'd love to have you stop by GivingNSharing - along with my weekly update I'm also including a very specific prayer request to help me stay focused.

    See ya next week! Tina 'the book lady'

  2. Sorry to hear about your back. We have to take it easy with these workouts. I like working out but I have to be careful and not overdue it.

    Thanks for stopping by.